Mon. 04-Feb-19Eric


Running a website like is a lot like trying to fill a leaky bucket.

You promote, get website visitor, they drop out... you promote, get more website visitors, they drop out...

But today I wanted to address the "leaky bucket" effect that keeps website owners and online businesses running on a treadmill without reaching their income goals.

I've identified 5 ongoing challenges that can keep you from reaching your business goals with your online business offering.

Ongoing Challenge 1: Attracting Leads and Getting People to Opt-In

In order to sustain your website and sell your product, you need people who are interested enough to actually consider your offers.

Building an engaged list of subscribers is the key here... but did you know there's a way your website can help you with that?

Ongoing Challenge 2: Converting Leads into Happy Paying Customers

Once you've figured out a way to get more people to join your email list, you need to tell them about your paid product and offerings in a way that converts.

The standard email marketing funnel works... but if they don't buy, there are more organic ways to get them to purchase your paid offerings right inside your website.

Ongoing Challenge 3: Having a Leaky Checkout Experience & Losing Out On Sales

Once you've done all of the hard work of getting people to say yes to your paid offerings... you definitely don't want to lose out on sales by having a leaky checkout experience.

Statistics show that 77% of people who click the “Buy Now" button never complete their order, but there's a way to recoup these sales.

Ongoing Challenge 4: Increasing Return Customers and Recurring Revenue

Once you've got customers... your job is done, right? Not so fast!

You can offer more solutions, products, and ongoing access to these same customers over time... because the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% and the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

Ongoing Challenge 5: Customers Who Fall Off The Wagon and do not buy

Customer retention is key to the long-term success of your website. But it's normal for customers to fall off the wagon, get busy, and stop logging into your website.

Or is it?

If you use smart nurturing strategies, you can keep your customers engaged and actively benefitting from your website to reduce drop offs and refunds.

How our software overcomes each of these ongoing challenges:

These are real challenges that never seem to go away...

I know because I've been there myself. I've put in thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring out what works, what doesn't, and how to fill my own website over the past 10 years.

And I built all of the strategies to overcome these obstacles right into our best-selling lead converting software tool:

Talk With Website Visitors is a widget which captures a website visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number and then calls you immediately, so that you can talk to the website visitors exactly when they are live on your website — while they're hot! Best feature of all, we offer FREE International Long Distance Calling!

When targeting website visitors, speed is essential - there is a 100x decrease in Leads when a website visitors is contacted within 30 minutes vs being contacted within 5 minutes.

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I'm so excited to share my life's work with you, and I know you understand that there's work ahead to make your digital business successful. But having the right tools and the right strategies to overcome the unavoidable challenges makes it all the more doable!

Thanks so much for reading - and next time I'll be talking about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to technology! (You might be surprised about this one.)

With appreciation,
-Eric "simplifying tech" Jones

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Mon. 26-Nov-18Jasmine Johnson

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I would like to surprise my family with memorial window stickers for their brother who passed unexpectedly this June. It would state "In Loving Memory of Our Teddy Bear. Teddy Kepner 1964-2018 with a teddy bear design.

I also want to see about the pricing of a full back graphic that is see through but a memorial for Eriks dad.

We can meet in person after 6 pm Monday- Friday or anytime Saturday or Sunday. I need to see different designs and get the prices for these. The Teddy ones will be Christmas presents and the full memorial one im debating on a November bday gift or wait til Christmas.

You can email me at, text me at 816-368-4284, or find me on FB Jennifer L Kepner.

Thank you!

Sun. 26-Aug-18Tanya Pounds


Shop Oakley Sunglasses 19.95 dollars only today @


Wed. 30-May-18Heather Gillett

Hello Jason,

My name is Heather Gillett. I put on a dice run every year (along with Ryan Pummell) in memory of Justin Hartman. This year the ride is on August 18th. I am wanting to get information on the prices of your shirts? Also do you design the shirts or do I need to provide a design? I have sponsors that will need to be included on the shirts. What is the last possible date to order shirts for August 18th? Feel free to call me at 816-261-4231. Thank you for your time.

Sat. 10-Mar-18Nichole Furgison

Hello! I was wondering if their is a profit from the shirts that goes to Steve (Orph) for the MS walk? If not, no big deal! I would still like to place an order.
I also am a teacher and we also do a lot of classroom orders. Do you guys do this stuff? I am looking for a knew print shop to go with! :)

Thu. 24-Aug-17Bryan Cook


I saw that you did the banners that were placed in the Pro Shop at South Side. Do you still have everything you would need to make new updated ones? Also can you design/produce vehicle rear window graphics with a provided company logo and incorporate a few Bowling manufacturers logos?

Wed. 26-Apr-17Jacob Hainey

Im needing 80 decals made with just black vinyl they are 2.54" tall by 6.55" wide i have the file in a png and can send it to you if you would like. how much would this cost?

Tue. 18-Apr-17Leon Bidinger

Can you give me an idea of costs and time frame for Racing Shirts, I can get you Right and left side pictures.

Fri. 16-Sep-16Jodie williamson

I met a family member of yours at a Royals game and she was wearing a jersey she said you made. It was very nicely done. I am interested in some myself if you plan to make more. She also mentioned you make Chiefs jersey's too. I would be interested in those as well.

Mon. 22-Aug-16Brian

I have questions about shirts 8166898718 brian

Fri. 01-Jul-16Hey i just saw your video on Google

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enjoy the video and get ready to have your socks blown off!
enjoy! Dean.
Hey i just saw your video on Google

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Thu. 17-Mar-16Ryan Carlile

Can I send an idea for a logo to have made then put it on the front of a couple shirts and writing on the back if so how much would it cost? I'm looking for someone that could make my Youtube logo that could be sent back digitally and also have a couple shirts made with it.
Ryan Carlile

Wed. 16-Mar-16Alexis Broussard

Dear Facedesigns,
My name is Alexis and I'm interested in some shirt prices from ya'll. Richard referred me. Im looking into Gildan Ultra Cotton Navy Blue Shirts with wite writting on front and back. Im also looking into getting 15 to 30 shirts. Thanks

Tue. 12-Jan-16Casey

I'm just looking for a price quote on t-shirts. A design on the front and back. T-shirts black with the design red. I'm looking for between 50 to 100.
S - xl. With maybe a few xxl.

Wed. 02-Dec-15Shawn Schweizer

Hi i am looking for some one to make a logo for my business that i can put on shirts products and use on a web site how much do you charge for this thanks

Thu. 26-Nov-15David Barber

Hi Jason, good luck in play offs, I still can't find tab for Motiv shirts..sorry, i'm a novice on computers..thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to u & ur family

Mon. 09-Nov-15Ta'Lesha

need a shirt done before friday, tried calling no answer ,...please call me at 816-394-0279

Wed. 09-Sep-15Hunter Richie

Hi, I'm a senior at Missouri Western and I was curious as if Face Designs needed an intern. I have experience from photography, to webdesign, but my major is in graphic design. I have always wanted experience in screen printing. If not now, please keep me in mind for future internships.

Thank you for your time,
Hunter Richie

Sat. 15-Aug-15John Langley

Do you still do the Motiv bowling shirts?

Fri. 31-Jul-15Jill Smith

Hello Jason,
How much would 18 x 24 100 lb gloss posters cost?
One sided, full color.
for 100, 500, or 1000?
Thank you.

Fri. 03-Jul-15Brad Carlton


How are you doing today ? This is Brad Carlton. Am hearing impaired. i would love to know if you can handle website design for a new company and also if you do you accept credit cards ?? kindly get back to me ASAP so i can send you the job details.

Brad Carlton

Mon. 18-May-15Carissa Sosa

Hey, so, i really like this design for a shirt on Etsy..and they don't have the right color of shirt i need..and Bryson Brant said you'd be the best person to go to..was seeing if you could do it? and for what price?

thank you!

Wed. 29-Apr-15Anthony Whisenhunt

Someone told me that you might still be selling Royals jerseys. Is this true? If so, how much are they? Thanks

Wed. 29-Apr-15Doug

Are you still ordering and selling Royals jerseys?

Wed. 04-Mar-15Jared

Hey I have a strange request. I have a paintball marker that i was wondering if i could get a design on that...kind of like a wrap...i didnt know if it was possible or even if you were interested in doing something like that

Fri. 13-Feb-15Gene Morrison

Looking for the MOTIV shirt you did for Loudenslager - FB.

Sun. 08-Feb-15Shawndra Scholl

Hi, I am looking to order some Motiv bowling shirts and or jackets. I've been told you can make them. Can you tell me prices and do you have any pictures as to style colors etc you could send me? I'm looking to get them personalized with names on the back thanks so much

Sun. 25-Jan-15Carol Vincent

Hi, I pm'ed you yesterday about the 4 Motiv shirts... How do I order them?

Wed. 05-Nov-14Jeffrey Paxton

I got your e-mail about the Motiv Jackets orange and black- one xl and one 2xl that would be awsome. Just let me know the price and i will shoot you the credit card or you preferred way of payment.


Sat. 11-Oct-14jenny beaver

HI i was wanting to see on your prices for t-shirts for basketball girls. We are wanting neon green color. Skaith on front and last name and number on back. We will need 6 total. When u get time please give me a call 8163856083

Thu. 18-Sep-14Amanda

Hey Jason a friend of mine has you do his shirts for his business and i was curious to see if you are able to do basketball jerseys? I'm going to be coaching two team here soon and one of the teams will have tshirts but the other team I would like to get jerseys for. Is this something you do?

Tue. 02-Sep-14Erin Shackelford

Hi, I'm Murph's (Roger Murphy) sister-in-law and I've been taking orders for the "kick for Ryon" benefit T-shirts. I was wondering if you could send me a size chart for shirts that you have available. I didn't want to bug murph, because he's working today! You can text me also @ (816)752-6111. I called you earlier, but didn't leave a message, because I didn't know if I had the right number. Thank you!

Fri. 29-Aug-14Lonnie Rush

Am originaly from St. Joe and live in Syracuse Ny. I still bowl nationals with home boys such as Matt Brewer. We wore your shirts this past year and would like to look into shirts for my team here in NY and maybe make some teans jealous out here. Was hoping to see some samples on your web site, could you email me something. Thanks

Tue. 19-Aug-14Steven Sebasto


I'm a friend of Erik Clark. He gave me your contact information and I believe we have communicated a few times on FB. I'm looking for two separate items. First I need a design for a shirt/sweatshirt for the Olathe Police Department. Second, I need to get some pricing on some shirts for a Special Olympics event coming up in October. I really need as much help (pricing) as possible on the Special Olympic's order. This is an event we do to raise money for the SO athletes. Any information and assitance you can provide would be appreciated.

Fri. 15-Aug-14Rqalph Sorell

the Motiv shirt seen on FaceBook, where can I order it_

Wed. 06-Aug-14Dalton Lawrence

Hey Jason. You know my mom, you make our tournament shirts. I was just wondering if you could help me with a logo? My buddy wants to see if you can help him out with his hunting channel that he will be making. Just wanting to wonder on price and stuff. If you could get back to me some time that would be great and I could send you his ideas. Thank you.

Mon. 14-Jul-14Alyse Grimm

Jason - I talked with you at the ballpark regarding the Softball Mom shirts. I would like to order a royal blue shirt and a gray one in XL if possible. Just let me know if you can do these and the cost. Thank you.

Fri. 27-Jun-14La'Sherrie

Hello, World Breastfeeding Week is Aug 1-7, 2014. The Breastfeeding Peer Counselor program will be hosting serverl events to celebrate our breastfeeding moms and babies in our community. We would like to know if you would donate 10 shirts that we could use for door prizes for our events during that week.

Thu. 26-Jun-14Robert Miller

Im in need of a full line up plus a few extra softball shirts. If you could contact me by email or by a text at 816-645-5912 id appreciate it. Thank you

Wed. 11-Jun-14Stuart Graves - WWTS

Please send me an invoice for our mailbox!
Scan & reply is fine, thanks Jason.

Mon. 07-Apr-14Dawn

When would b a good time to come in the store today? I would like to talk with you about at shirt order.

Mon. 24-Feb-14Bert McGhee

I seen this Hoodie on the Motiv Bowling website that I would like to have & I was wondering just how would I go about doing that. The Hoodie is "Red" & has the "Primal Rage" logo on the front.

Bert McGhee Jr.


Wed. 22-Jan-14shawn force

I need a vector file for GLS's logo. Thanks.

Wed. 01-Jan-14Joseph

I saw your information on the Motiv Group Facebook page.

I was looking for 4 Motiv polos with the large Motiv "M" on the back and "Motiv" on left chest.

How much would you charge for something like that.

Mon. 02-Dec-13Don Wile

Please i will like to know if you do sell some plain t shirts from the brand below and email me with the price per shirt,i don't want anything printed on them,

Brand Gildan

All Size:Adult small

Color:500 Black T-Shirts & 500 Pink T-Shirts



waiting for your reply with the total price for them and Also do you ship through the address below :::

Best Regards
Don Wile
708 401 3451

Tue. 01-Oct-13Cherish

I'm needing some vinal letters printed and cut out so I can adhear them to a banner we currently have on hand. They are black letters and I can send the letters I need in the font I need. What would be the cost on that and how soon can you have that done?

Fri. 16-Aug-13Ashley Davis

Jason, I had you make me some banners a year ago or so and I loved your work. I am working at the Colgan Alternative School and we are looking to get some cool looking shirts. All of the ones we have are so plain and ugly. I was wanting to get some fun creative shirts. Our mascot is a knight and we don't really have a logo and we are the Colgan Alternative Resource Center. It can just say Colgan. Would you let me know if you are interested in making a few designs for us to look at? We would also be interested in getting some nice polos and other things! We would also like prices. Thank you so much for your help.

Ashley Davis

Wed. 31-Jul-13Yousef Fatehallah

Dear Sir,

I would like to have a price quote for the following t-shirts sizes with a color logo printed on front and back, the logo will be provided by us.

Color of t-shirts: Grey.
Type: 100% cotton.

Sizes quantity:

Small: 30
Medium: 25
Large :25
X-Large : 20
Total: 100 pieces.

Please provide the prices as follows:
Total price, price per size group.

Thank you.


Yousef Fatehallah
Student Assistent
International Student Services
Missouri Western State University

Tue. 25-Jun-13Clay Warner

I am wanting to see what the cost would be to have a custom designs done for me for my party. I am looking for about 50 shirts

Clay Warner

Mon. 17-Jun-13Efrain

Looking to get new road sign decal for our store on the belt, acceoss the mall is called The Pursuit of Happiness and we need to add "SMOKE SHOP" to the piece that says "Asian Massage" thats our sign and we this people added that without our authorization.. We need it down by someone else other than Roderick Signs.. We no longer do business with them!

Sun. 09-Jun-13mike

My son plays for the extreme baseball team last fall the had decalls made for there. Vehicle s I was wanting2. Of them made with my sons name and # his na me is Gavin #16 just le me know cost we leave for state. Tournament wed morning@8 if u could have them done before then or not just whenever u could do them I would appreciate it thanks mike

Mon. 29-Apr-13herny Bullough

Hello Sales,
Am interested in purchasing some blank t shirts from your store to be picked up and below is the specs and quantities needed.

Size:Adult small size
50/50% Cotton

Size:Adult small size
50/50% Cotton
Color: :White

I would like to know if you can get me pricing on this and do you take credit card through email as form of payment.

Best Regards

Thu. 11-Apr-13janette price

i would like to have a quote for racing tee-shirts. its a b mod

Tue. 02-Apr-13Jamie Yates

Hey my husband recommended you to get some t-shirts printed. I was curious how much you would charge for 3 shirts that say "Keep Calm and Ama espanol, DeKalb HS Spanish."

I need three short sleeved shirts in the sizes Medium, Large and 2xl. Can you send me a price for these?

Thanks for your help

Wed. 20-Mar-13Jessica

Hi I was wondering if you have drink koozies and if so how much would you charge to make about $100 orange koozies with the quote "to have and to hold and to keep your drink cold" and then under that Kyle and Jess 6.15.13

Sun. 17-Mar-13Natalie Whitham

We are looking into getting shirts for this year's racing season. We would black shirts though. We were wondering what the cost would be per shirt and for the design. The car this year is white with florescent orange, blue, black. We would like short sleeve and hoodies.

Fri. 08-Mar-13Carol Wirts

I am on your web site but can't find the pricing for custom made t-shirts. Thanks!!

Wed. 20-Feb-13Haley Bunker

My name is Haley Bunker and I am a Substance Abuse Counselor for WRDCC, the prison here in town. I am on the wellness committee we have here and am doing some pricing on getting our 5K shirts made. We have a logo picked out, just need some prices on how much you would charge for an order. The shirts would be pre-orders so I am going to guess anywhere from 75-150 shirts. thank you

Tue. 05-Feb-13Brandon Miller

i was wanting to get a price on 50 shirts on black shirts i like the hand drawn style of shirts i dont have any pictures of the car yet becauce it isnt done yet but i have the preview of what the wrap will look like thanks for your time. Brandon Miller

Mon. 04-Feb-13Kyle Stafford / Superior WIndow Cleaning

I am interested in getting pricing on vehicle wraps. I have several trucks for my business and I am looking to get them wrapped. You can reach me at 816-261-4100 or Thanks!

Kyle Stafford
Superior Window Cleaning

Thu. 31-Jan-13Kathyrn Abbott

I called you today 1/31/2013 and asked about having a banner done tommrow. I emailed you the design and heard no response. Just checking make sure you reeived it!

Mon. 21-Jan-13David "The Twister" Davis

I fight out of Controlled Chaos MMA & Fitness, where I'm also an assistant coach. I'm making my pro debut March 1 at Civic Arena for Centurion Fighting. I'm looking for sponsorship, more specifically, help with putting my sponsors logo on my shorts and possibly a small order(10-12) of personalized fight shirts. This show is expected to sell Civic out and possibly televised. If your interested, please, contact me. Thank you, for your time.

Fri. 07-Dec-12Shandi Straw

Hello. My name is Shandi and I attend Stanberry R-II. I am wondering if
you would be interested in allowing me to job shadow you. I plan to attend
college for graphic design, so I would only need to shadow you editing the
pictures. However, I am not limited to anything. If you could email me
back when convenient for you, i would appreciate it. Thank you for your
--Shandi Straw

Thu. 15-Nov-12Tim Van gotten

Im interested in shirts for the 2013 racing season could you please email me

Fri. 26-Oct-12Holly Brooke

Hey! I'm a friend of Jason L and he told me to hit you up.
I need 10 shirts made for my company. We're a recycling business so i have all the logos and stuff that my boss wants on there. I was just curios to know your pricing?

Wed. 10-Oct-12Bill Pugh

Need you fax number

Thu. 04-Oct-12john cody

Good Day,
My name is john cody and I want to know if you do carry or you can order Blank (Plain) Dry Blend™ 50/50 Cotton/DryBlend™ with the following specs to be picked up from your location when ready and paid for today.

Size: Adult small size
Color: White
50/50% Cotton(50/50 cotton/DryBlend poly)
Brand: Gildan or Port and Company
Quantity: 1000Pcs.

Let me know the total cost for the specified specs and quantity..l will handle up the shipping charges myself,will just provide you along with my FedEx Prepaid account for the shipment when payment is been received and will send in FedEx to your Location to picked up the t-shirts at store..Advice me if there is any charges on using a Credit Card for making of payment ..Awaiting Reply.Thanks

Sat. 29-Sep-12Rhonda Bradley

Need pricing for some numbers and name for car car! Does not want wrap.

Wed. 22-Aug-12Ashley Davis

Jason, I have talked to you before and you made a couple of banners for me. I noticed that you also make shirts for schools in the St. Joe area. I work at the Colgan Alternative School on Frederick and we were wondering if you ever do any types of donations. We have absolutely no funding and are looking to get some shirts made as incentives for our staff and students. I was jsut wondering if you did anything like that or if you had any ideas that might help us. Thank you so much for your time and help.

Wed. 15-Aug-12Tyson Lanfermann

I was needing some information on pricing for some shirts I was gonna made for my dad and his race car. I was gonna send you some pictures and have yall design it, I just need to know how to get this ball rolin. Thanks

Wed. 18-Jul-12Josh Kramer

Just looking to find some pricing on getting some stickers for my custom cooler stereo business that I am trying to start up. John Lee sent me to you. Thank You

Thu. 14-Jun-12JD EVELAND


Mon. 11-Jun-12Ashley Davis

I am looking for a couple of last minute banners. They would be simple. I was wondering if you would be able to hlep me or shoot me a price. I could come by your office if need be. I am thinking 2 : 4 or six foot banners. One would be black with pink and white lettering and the other I'm not 100% sure about yet. I would need them before Friday of this week. Please let me know if you think you could help. Thanks so much!
Ashley Davis

Mon. 28-May-12Angie Eveland

I want to get some racing shirts made. What is the minimum number of shirts I need to order? How much do you charge for artwork? What are the prices per shirt? Please email me some pricing information.

Thu. 17-May-12amber miller

I am looking into ordering volleyball shirts do you have a minimum amount you have to order ? also do you have any designs you could send me ? thanks

Mon. 14-May-12Tyler Schmidt

Jason, I would like to get some autograph cards with my 2012 Hughes Modified. I have a photo I purchased at HPT for this. Can it be done by me scanning or do you need the photo purchased from photographer? Please inform, thanks, Tyler Schmidt

Thu. 03-May-12nick buchana

hey i am a prew crew member looking for a shirt sponser for the driver i pit for wondered if Face Design would be intrested very pleased with you products in the gallary

Sun. 15-Apr-12Emily Tharp

Hello, I'm a student at Highland Community College. I'm taking classes to be a graphic designer. I was just wondering if you would be intrested in giving an internship, or a summer job. I also have my Graphic Arts Diploma from Flint Hills Tech, in Emporia, KS. So I do know alot about the production side. Please contact me, 7857415088. Thank you for your time.

Thu. 12-Apr-12tony rossano

i am the new GSM. i need some banners designed asap

Thu. 12-Apr-12tony rossano

i am the new GSM. i need some banners designed asap

Thu. 22-Mar-12Tim Shafer


Do you guys print vinal signs? I just started a small gun shop and looking to get a vinal sign made with my logo on it...

Jason Deffenbaugh had refered me to you guys, guess he was good friends with the guy (Jerry) that you bought this business from?


Tim Shafer

Tue. 20-Mar-12Bill Ruisinger

I was looking for some free help, so I understand if you aren't interested, but I race at Lakeside and have a simple vinyl cutter and have been doing my own simple decals to save money. I was hoping to do some two color decals but the software that came with the cutter (LXi Apprentice thru Signwarehouse) and another cheapo that I bought called Inkscape don't have the functionality to expand or shrink a number or text so that I can cut a 2nd color in a uniformly larger size to make a border around the top layer. Do you know of some simple(i.e. cheap) software that might allow me to do this or is there any trick to be able to do it with some of the simple software that I already have? Again, I understand if this isn't something you would want to respond to, but I've seen your work and I'm sort of out of options so I figured I would try.
Thanks for reading. I hope business is going well!!

Mon. 05-Mar-12Kelli Shoemaker

I have recently started coaching a fastpitch softball team and am trying to get some prices or a team banner and wanted to know if this is something that you do and some prices. Thanks

Fri. 10-Feb-12Stephanie Gwinn

I'm needing prices on baseball team jerseys . Will need. Design too . Please let me know what pricing is . Thank u

Sun. 05-Feb-12pat mitchell

i just heard that you were not goin to do anymore race car this true...and are you plannin on doin our car...let me know soon as you can....thanks pat

Wed. 07-Dec-11Klorissa Hinkle

I was wondering if you were hiring any designers to work on your team! I really would enjoy workin in an enviroment that I can also learn more about Graphic Design and how a business is ran. I would be willing to do office work or help with anything you need. I know how to use Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 and have the entire design suite on my Mac. I am going to school for graphic design and have learned a lot and feel that I have a good grasp of design. If you are interested in hiring someone to help out please give me a call. (785) 288-0220 I live in Saint Joseph.

Fri. 25-Nov-11pat mitchell

hello jason - wondering if you would be interested in doing letterin Brandon's and my son in laws car (jesse shotts) for the 2012 season. Don't know if we want a wrap maybe just some graphics, numbers and sponsors not really sure which way we want to go. let me know when you can.
thanks for your time!


Tue. 15-Nov-11CYNTHIA

What is the price to design a t-shirt? Thanks

Thu. 10-Nov-11cherity puckett

I have one page I want to have made into a poster board size flyer. Can I have just one made? if so what would the cost be? Can I email you the flyer I am wanting to make bigger, and pick up when ready?

Mon. 29-Aug-11Sean Heckman

Jason, do you make vinyl decals in color?

Sat. 20-Aug-11Nikki Huff

I am wanting to get t shirts made for my family for Christmas and I was wandering how much they cost to start up. My husband and his uncle have been racing for 3 yrs now and we all need t shirts.

Thu. 04-Aug-11bill white

hey sir how much to design an make shirts of jasons FPW motorsports car an what is the min. i can order ty get back with me asap plz 913 208 9740 need the brothers discount lol

Tue. 14-Jun-11Mike Kraft

Do you still have the logo you designed for me, I had to have my computer leared out and lost the design, Mike K.
P. S. Thanks for making it by the way.

Thu. 19-May-11Biker Boutique

Looking for designer Tshirts ans Flyers


Sat. 14-May-11Alex Johnson

Im your brother kennys best friend

Tue. 10-May-11Tonia Hall

I was needing some new designs for our race team?

Sun. 10-Apr-11Tony Moore

Hey Jason
I was wondering what it would cost for u to make up about 100 racing t-shirts for me on a grey shirt - 25XL,25L,25M,10 SMALL,10 X-SMALL, 5 XXL AND ONE XXXXL. I MIGHT BE INTRESTED IN SOME HERO CARDS AS WELL CAN U PRICE THEM PLEASE.

Wed. 30-Mar-11Arline Ostolaza

We are a school of Japanese martial and cultural arts in Alexandria, VA ( We're intersted in creating several t-shirt designs for sale to our students and the public. We want to incorporate our tradename, logo and Chinese characters. We have looked at your pricing page, but it doesn't seem to list t-shirt prices. Please let us know how you charge for this type of project. Thank you.

Mon. 21-Mar-11Frances Whitney

Can you put a picture of someone on a shirt? Can you give me a quote on some shirts and what is your minimum? I know you will have to know what our design is to give me a quote, but I am just asking some general questions. What hours are you open and how long does it usually take to get shirts mae. Thanks.

Sat. 12-Mar-11Regan Fortney

Can you do calanders with Brad's picture on them and if you can how much?

Thanks Regan Fortney
Brad Fortney Mom #59

Wed. 09-Mar-11Chris Morey

I am the main sponsor for two B-MODS that run at Thunderhill Raceway. My business is X-treme Graphics. I am looking to have t-shirts made for the two cars. One car is 7T and the other is 77T. Teel Motorsports. What would it coist to have the two cars on the front and all the sponsors and autographs on the back

Tue. 08-Mar-11Jeff Stotts

The frame is blue with a white body number is 12 i have no sponsers so i dont car if u want to put face designs on the car would like the pakage for 400

Sat. 26-Feb-11Regan Fortney

My son Brad order cards from in the past and might want to order some this year. Do you have any special prices.

Thanks Regan (Brad's Mom)
Late Model #59

Sun. 05-Dec-10Kevin Anderson

i am looking to get t shirts for the anderson racing 417 stock car and the 714 grand national. give me a call at 816-564-5994

Tue. 19-Oct-10Mandi

hey i was wondering if you would still wana make a shirt for adi? im tryin to find a design..i was thinkin like a pink shirt with a pic of a modified or sprint on it w/ girls like it in the dirt..... let me know :D

Mon. 11-Oct-10Billy "Kaos " Lovett

Hi bro
Looking to get a logo done I ran across your site what would you charge? Can you also start work on Motorcycles? I could use a company like yours ....
Good work


Sun. 08-Aug-10Ethan Isaacs

Looking to get a quote to get 30 to 35 T-shirts done. Using pictures and not redrawn cars. I was wondering what price range I am looking at.

Thanks in advance,
Ethan Isaacs

Sun. 08-Aug-10Lisa Burlington

Hey Jason... was wanting to look into getting some Hero Cards. We're looking @ getting around 500. Would love to have a color front/color back. If I could get a quote, that would be awesome!

Fri. 30-Jul-10Ethan Isaacs

Hey I am needing a quote on some t-shirts. We are looking to get aproximately 15-20 shirts for the end of the season. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ethan Isaacs
#66 B-Mod

Mon. 14-Jun-10Jeremy Whorton

Hi, I own Lone Wolf MMA and am looking for a new shirt printer. I had no idea that you guys did such awesome work until I found out you did poster boy. I have a lot of designs people can't do. I would like some prices and to see if you can do some of my designs. 816 261-0405
Thanks, Jeremy

Wed. 02-Jun-10John Allen

It was nice meeting you @ Thunderhill. Ihave a door panel in my trailer for you next time were at the same race. Very cool site. Keep up the good work. John Allen

Sun. 11-Apr-10mandi

he i love the site. it loos good. im lookin at gettin a few shirts made... can ya call or text me please. 816-205-2050

Thu. 08-Apr-10Daniel McMillan

Hey whats up man. I see you screen print t-shirts. Could you give me a break down how you charge. I'm the manger for Sprint Car driver Tyler Walker and we are looking for s shirt person to do our shirts this year and we have other clothing projects we need screen printed.
Thank you
Tyler Walker Motorsports

Mon. 22-Feb-10Darrell Farmer

Jason can you give me a call @ 816-560-6922

I am looking at getting t-shirts for Clay Hale this year. I talked to you about it last fall in the stands at Winston.

Tue. 09-Feb-10Brad Dibben

jason if you need Chromed out art work email and he will send file. please give me a call. brad 805-2190

Mon. 08-Feb-10brad dibben

jason give me a call 816-805-2190

Mon. 01-Feb-10Brad Dibben

Jason give me a call 816-805-2190 or 816-215-2659

Thu. 28-Jan-10justin asher

hey lookin for another design. do u think you can draw one up for me? the cars is a sport mod again the fram is orange and the body is white would like the graphics to be orange black and white with your touches let me know man thanks

Fri. 08-Jan-10Stephen Cochran

I am wondering what it would possibly cost to do a wrap on Quarter Midget. Thinking about having barbwire and maybe lightning. It would be just the sides.I don't really have measurements right now but will have the car soon.

Fri. 04-Dec-09joe

my first visit pretty nice!!!!

Sat. 21-Nov-09Gary McCourt

Jason awsome web page, you will make it big oneday keep on keeping on.

Thu. 05-Nov-09Mandi

Face, I really like how you did the breast cancer background. A good friend of mine at school just found out she has breast cancer.! Its a hard tough time! You rock man, you rock! keep up the hard work!

Fri. 16-Oct-09travis alexander

i am looking to get nubers made for my car. my car is a mini sprint. there are some others things i am needing as well, like shirts and what not. i need a total of 7 numbers for the car seeing that we dont always run with are wings on, could you let me know something

Tue. 21-Jul-09Colt Pruente

Hey Jason, Hope your getting more business from Southwest Missouri. I've had people get your number and email from me so i hope you gettin more business. We've been selling alot of shirts! Thanks.

Mon. 20-Jul-09Lorie

I'm interested in getting some autograph cards ade for #53 John Baker at Lakeside. Just curious as to what all you would need from me and how long does the proces take. Thank you for your time.

Sat. 27-Jun-09mandi crist

hey Jason. Site looks great. I love the new shirts for Dustin! They are pretty kickass... keep up the good work! I've had several people around work asking where I got my racin shirt at cuz they liked how you did them! Let me tell u....I was very proud to say my cousin Jason did them.

Sat. 20-Jun-09Colt Pruente

Jason, Great job on the Shane Essary shirts we love them and we already have people wanting to buy them. Guys, let me tell you Jason does a great job with the t-shirts so if you want some done i reccomend him!

Sun. 14-Jun-09Devin Humphrey

Hey Jason,
My name is Devin Humphrey, I'm an ATV Freestyle Motocross rider from southwest Oklahoma. One of the guys I ride with, Gabriel Moulden, had autograph cards done by you recently and I really liked the design and they way they came out. I was curious about how much it would cost me to get 100 made for myself and how long it would take? If you could e-mail me back I would appreciate it!
-Devin Humphrey

Mon. 08-Jun-09Brian Cornell

i would like the same card made that GABE MOULDEN

had made. I can send you a lisf of my sponsors like he has and also some pics for the front.

how much does that cost?

Fri. 22-May-09Greg

We want to order, we just haven't had time to sit down and talk about it, and I haven't even showed them the new artwork. We will get it figured out before next Friday. Sorry for the delay, it's been a crazy work week around here.

Fri. 15-May-09Greg Pippert

Jason, I got your email and we have been talking about it. Did you get my email about The Children of the Dirt .com? We would like to incorporate it on to the autograph cards. Plus they were talking about adding some crew info as well. Would this be a problem? Thanks, Greg

Sun. 10-May-09Rodney Dodds

Hi, I am interested in t-shirts. Can you send me some more design possibilities that you have done for a modified? Also, I am a Chiropractor in Wichita and I want to tie the t-shirts into my clinic, perhaps in the sponsor area. Patients love t-shirts, especially the ones that think it's cool their doctor races. Also include pricing info and how do we get started. Thanks, Rodney Dodds, Haysville, KS.

Sun. 10-May-09Jacob Hall

would like some info about having some shirts made. thanks for the help.

Mon. 04-May-09Bad Boy

Whats up man just wanted to stop through and say thanks for all the help with everything.
Galen Brown

Sun. 26-Apr-09Colt Pruente

website is nice. you do some really good work.!

Wed. 22-Apr-09G. T. Motorsports08

Just stopping by to say hi and nice work with your new web site.
Those letters in the box are small arnt they at the bottom.

Mon. 20-Apr-09don thompson

Nice Jason and will put link on st joes best fighters . Wheres my t-shirt design?

Sat. 18-Apr-09Brad Dibben

Jason new web site looks great hope you have A great year.

Sat. 18-Apr-09Big Roy

Face web site looks great you've got a way of putting together some kickass looks keep up the good work

Thu. 16-Apr-09Kyle Crist

New web site looks good Face. Seeing all this stuff gets me ready for the racing season

Thu. 16-Apr-09pat mitchell

jason - awesome site althought i could not get the questbook to come up. could u give me the t-shirt pricing again i don't remember what u told me.....